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The Church of the Atonement was founded as a mission church of St. John’s in the Wilderness Church in Gibbsboro, NJ.  Our church was envisioned by the rector of St. John’s and the desire of local residents to have their children study the Holy Scriptures in Sunday School.  Therefore, in 1904, the first meeting of a small group of people, later to become the first congregation of Atonement, was held in the home of a Mrs. Roach.  Later, in February, 1905, the next school and service was held in Fire Hall No. 1, and on April 15, 1906, the first Baptism at the Church of the Atonement was recorded in the Service Book of the church.

Land for a permanent church was donated in the spring of 1906; and local residents donated both the labor and funds necessary to complete the church building which was completed in three years.  The first service in the present  church was held on the Fourth Sunday of Advent, December 14, 1909.  Memorable was the beautiful stained glass window over the altar which came from a church which had been torn down earlier. 

The corner stone for the Parish Hall was laid in 1957.  The Diocese of new Jersey gave the church money to build a link between the two buildings.  Two beautiful windows made the parish hall a special place to be for all who attended events there.  In 1974 a vicarage was built on the adjoining property.  Prospects for the future brightened when The Rev. Jerry Doublisky was appointed as the full-time priest of the parish which then was able to provide many ministry services to its members and the surrounding communities.  New people were drawn to the church by “Mrs. Brown’s Nursery School” which was held in the church.

In 1983, the Church of the Atonement was accepted as a full parish in the Diocese of New Jersey.  Since that time, we have been blessed with loving and dedicated clergy leadership: The Rev. Robert Critelli, The Rev. Wayne Runner, The Rev. Jeffrey Kirk, The Rev. David Snyder and The Rev. Jayne Oasin.  We have seen an increased commitment to ministry for God’s people and an emphasis in spiritual growth among the members.

Currently, our church is developing a ministry to Older Adults as well as using the Parish Hall as a community resource for neighborhood and civic events.


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